I need Underwear

I’ve been wearing Hanes Men’s mid rise briefs for 20 years. I’ve had a few pairs of ExOfficios, and a few MeUndies, but for regular wear I never considered doing something else.

Now that I’m trying to be more considerate of where my dollars go, I’m on the hunt for an underwear that keeps my dollars close to home.

Fit problems I have with both ExOfficio and MeUndies briefs is that they slide a little into my ass and it’s annoying. Not enough that I feel like I have a wedgie, but enough that I’m annoyed. Fabric is too soft perhaps so it doesn’t stay put? First world problems.

Other problems, ExOfficio is owned by Newell Brands. I don’t know enough about Newell Brands to like/dislike them beyond them just being a massive corporation. MeUndies appears to be smaller, but the leadership is from rich families already, they have enough money.

So, something that feels as comfortable as the Hanes, but keeps the money away from major corporations as much as possible.

Mack Weldon – NY based. Uses WRAP-certified factories all over the world. $38/pair, but free shipping on orders over $50.

Culprit Underwear – American Made, Los Angeles headquarters. Boxer Briefs only. Posts on Insta about how to properly wear your mask. $31 for a pair w/out being a subscriber. Tax and shipping makes it $38.74.

Rufskin – California based. Designed, manufactured, and distributed from California. Gay owned. Flat rate shipping of $10 puts the price almost to $50 for a pair.

I have a pair of Culprit’s on the way. I’ll update later after some wear time.

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