Why this?

I started this website to keep track of brands that keep my money close to home. Every time I buy something, I do research. This is my collection of that research and why.

Close to home means I want to spend my money on my friends and family first. On my staff or coworkers second. Their friends and family third. In my city, or my county, or my state, or finally my country. Whenever possible.

I want the money to be spend directly with the merchant with as few agents in the middle as possible.

I also want the company to be ethical and kind. Corporate responsibility is important.

All the vitriol spewed at Jeff Bozo and his ilk, and people still shop at and patronize their businesses. The middle class of America would do better for ourselves simply by spending our money at home.

A good friend of mine once said to “vote with your wallet,” and I’m doing what I can to take that to heart.